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Part 1. Creating Content Silos to Increase Keyword Ranking of Larger Sites with Bruce Clay

Large sites tend to have so many topics that they aren’t considered a subject matter expert on anything. In Part 1 of this video interview, Bruce Clay explains the concept of content siloing and the benefits of this technique to increase keyword PageRank for 3- to 4-keyphrases on larger sites. Clay defines a silo as […]

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SEO Content Writing

www.copyranger.com SEO Content Writing What if you could have visitors… ready-to-buy visitors, flock to your site, to your landing page and to your video? (Like you just did with mine?) What if they went to your webpage or watched your video, and they were compelled to take action? And in most cases, that meant to […]

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How Personas Can Help You Write Compelling Sales Content, with Heather Lloyd-Martin

In this video interview SEO copywriting expert Heather Lloyd-Martin discusses what a persona is and how it can help copywriters develop targeted sales content that produces much more sales than untargeted copy. Heather explains that a persona is a detailed description of your sales target — who they are, what they’re like, and how they […]

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Serving the mobile sports fan: Getting content to the handset

An interview with Michael Dierks, IMG. Sports content is one of the hottest apps for mobile. Visit www.mobithinking.com

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Exploring PPC Ads on Google’s Content or Display Netowrk – with Andrew Goodman

In this video interview, PPC expert Andrew Goodman explains the difference between Google AdWord’s “display network” and their ads on search engine results pages. He explains what’s available, how user intent differs, how to reduce bids on these ads, and tips on selcting the right venue for your ads. Google’s “display network” consists of text […]

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The Effect of the Panda Update on Your Content Strategy – with Arnie Kuenn

In this video interview, SEO expert Arnie Kuenn explains how content marketing strategies have changed since Google’s ‘Panda’ update in February 2011 downgraded the rankings of many content-heavy sites, due to duplicate or poor quality content. Kuenn explains what factors are believed to be used by Google to detect poor content and what to do […]

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