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From the earliest days of the Web, search engines have played a dominant role in the way we connect, market and discover new content and opportunity online. As social media platforms begin to eclipse search engines in visits and engagement a new paradigm for search is becoming clear: Social and search will need to work together. Google Plus’ strong entry into the social world further demonstrates how critical social is becoming to the search experience. Where’s it all going and how will we get there? We’ve asked three experienced Search marketers to give us their point of view on what we can look forward to and share approaches to help take advantage of these rapid changes. Kathy Hokunson is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Site-Seeker, Inc. an internet marketing firm specializing in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media and ROI. Site-Seeker’s unique focus is on manufacturing and B2B and delivering an effective well rounded internet marketing strategy, not selling position. Rich Bradley is a Search Supervisor for Global Strategies/Neo@Ogilvy specializing in Enterprise search. His most recent work has involved integrating search and social insights into broader marketing strategies for IBM’s “Smarter Planet” and “Watson” advertising campaigns. Along with IBM his clients have included TD Ameritrade, DuPont and Revolution Health. Gregory Cox is Owner and Solutionist of Think Around Corners a Web marketing firm who have set ourselves
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Web Marketing Ottawa
Web Marketing Ottawa
Web Marketing Ottawa
Web Marketing Ottawa
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Web Marketing Ottawa

Web Marketing Ottawa

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